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Injury Causation

AIS offers Injury Sciences' patented injury causation technology providing an integrated view of injury probability and medical treatment. As the only company with the ability to scientifically analyze injury causation, we’ll help you identify and diagnose questionable claims earlier in the process, using auto physical damage and thousands of human crash test study results.

Bill Review

Our advanced MedFlow Bill Review Technology seamlessly advances claims data through a series of decision engines producing consistent and accurate results. And in times of intense workloads, AIS helps you meet your turnaround requirements and keep expenses to a minimum.

  • Exception

    Our bill audit automatically flags claims requiring a more specialized review.

  • Recommended

    Comparison tools determine the appropriateness of charges against medical charge benchmark data and state-specific fee schedules.

MedFlow Technology

Our third party casualty interface, Injury Evaluation Solutions, gives adjusters secure, online access to the real-time viewing, working, and assessment of all relevant injury claims documents and the findings from each review.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    This easy-to-use desktop makes adding and viewing note features, searching criteria and editing documents simple
    and efficient.

  • Logical Content Presentation

    Biomechanical and medical analysis content is presented in accordance with the natural claim evaluation process, with relevant findings provided from high-level summary to
    line-level detail.

  • Negotiation

    Our technology aggregates and synthesizes findings from injury causation analysis, medical bill review, general damages solution integration, and nurse/code review into a cogent negotiation summary.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Provider Activity Reporting

  • Industry Benchmarking

  • Trend Analysis

  • Emerging Risks

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